Reborn Veteran Initiative – Valor Working for America


reborn soldier amid the mountains

They answered the call, they fought the fight, and they paid the price;
so where is their American dream?


Indeed, freedom isn’t free; it was paid for with the blood of our brave men and women in uniform. But with nearly a million American veterans now out of work, their plight to reintegrate has become a national embarrassment.


The Reborn U.S. Veteran organization recognizes the tremendous value that our military veterans represent to the American workforce and is doing something about it. In partnership with our nation’s most successful automobile dealerships, The Reborn Vet Initiative is putting our service men and women back to work for America. This is not a give-away or another government hand-out, but rather a real opportunity for warriors to earn their piece of the American dream.


It is for that reason, Reborn U.S. Veteran is proud to announce the development of a unique and comprehensive turn-key operation that not only employs veterans within automotive dealerships, but goes way beyond other programs both in terms of scope and reach. With a combined value of over $1 trillion in purchasing power, and representing over 100 million consumers, veterans (and their families) are a powerful if not largely misunderstood market segment. Leveraging our extensive experience in both the automotive industry and the military, Reborn U.S. Veteran has seized the opportunity to create an all inclusive business mechanism that can simultaneously employ America’s best, while helping dealers capitalize on promotional, marketing, and sales aspects that serve this unique, important, and powerful affinity group; you can have your cake and eat it too!


We at Reborn U.S. Veteran recognize the significance of what our veteran community can offer to our nation’s workforce and its economy; we know it represents a win-win scenario for all. Standing shoulder to shoulder, participating dealers and Reborn are making a difference every day, but we know we can do more. Please join with us in doing the right thing for our veterans because it’s not only the prudent thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do; for your business, and your country!